ODSP Employment Support Program

The ODSP Employment Supports Program assists persons with disabilities to locate and retain employment. The actual services available throughout ODSP Employment Supports are delivered by various community organizations located throughout the City of Toronto. These organizations help clients with all aspects of job development, from helping determine what work is available, to negotiating employment opportunities with employers and providing employment follow-up. As well, organizations providing ODSP employment supports can assist employed clients and their employers to resolve situations before jobs are lost. 

As providers of ODSP Employment Supports services in the City of Toronto, we have created this website in an effort to share ODSP related benefits that may be available to the job seekers in our community who have disabilities. 

If you are receiving ODSP Income Supports there are a variety of benefits available to you to support you in your desire to get and keep a job. These supports are in addition to ODSP Employment Supports.

For those who qualify, changes have recently been implemented to provide you with incentives to obtain employment such as:


Even if you are not on ODSP Income Supports, Employment Supports may still be an option for you. To find out more about Employment Supports, please contact an ODSP Employment Supports Service Provider listed in the Toronto Service Providers page or you can also contact ODSP Employment Supports.


Questions to Consider When Choosing an Ontario JOIN Agency (Service Provider)

  1. Will I have to travel/Can the service provider meet me at alternate locations?
  2. Do I need any accommodation to meet with an employer or start a job?
  3. Does this agency have experience with the kind of job I would like to do?
  4. How would staff assist a client who has been out of the workforce for a long time or who has not worked regularly?
  5. How will the service provider assist me to decide and reach my job goal?
  6. What type of employers do service providers work with?
  7. How many clients got and kept jobs in the past year?