We help job seekers connect to employers and service providers

Ontario JOIN is one of Canada's leading organizations specializing in recruitment of persons with disabilities and disability in the workplace. We work with job seekers with disabilities and assist employers in making their workplaces more accessible.

Through our referrals to service providers, we bring together job seekers and employers.

Contacting JOIN is a good first step when job hunting. Looking for work can be challenging. It is often difficult to determine where to go and what to do next.

We offer:

  • Job Seeker Referrals - We inform job seekers of services that best match job seeker requirements through our website, phone inquiries, career fairs and publications.
  • Employment Supports information – We will put job seekers in touch with the appropriate ODSP office
  • Self-Employment Information and Resources – We will provide resource information to job seekers who want to start their own businesses
  • Job Accommodation information – We inform job seekers, service providers and employers of adaptive technology which will assist job seekers in the workplace
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Excellent Customer Service - Live voice on the end of the phone and quick response times to emails from job seekers with disabilities, service providers, government, employers, and other constituents wanting advice or supports.
  • Employer Education and Referrals - Employers learn about how service providers can support their candidates in the workplace.
  • Job Postings - We circulate over 300 job postings a year, obtained directly from employers and from service providers
  • A collective voice in the community for issues related to disability in the workplace
  • Information and Resources related to best practices on inclusion and accessibility.