JOIN Inter-Corporate ERG Council

As a result of the conference panel in November 2011 and Ontario JOIN’s January 20th 2012 BLN event, six organizations have expressed interest in forming a JOIN Inter-Corporate ERG (Employee Resource Group) Council. The first meeting took place in April 2012 and Chair, Vice-Chair and Second Vice-Chair were appointed. What JOIN will potentially offer to BLN members may include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Formation of JOIN ERG Advisory Council, ERG annual forum, working group and creation of vision, mission, values and e-newsletter featuring success stories and latest updates on the Council and ERG members
  • Provision of educational materials on AODA Standards implementation, mentoring opportunities, linkages to other BLNs in Canada and US, networking opportunities through social media, ERGs inter-connection and support for newly-emerged ERGs and member organizations with best practices, lessons learned, gaps, statistics
  • Assistance with recruiting job seekers with disabilities and onboarding best practices and access to events related to inclusion and disability

If interested in becoming part of the Council please contact us at 416-750-0666 ext. 5147

Founding Partners

HSBC      CIBC         IBM       KPMG