Not Just for Ramps

September 16, 2010 
Not Just for Ramps - Accessibility is not just physical 

The 8th BLN Breakfast Series Event was hosted by BMO 

The 8th BLN event was hosted by BMO Financial Group On September 16, 2010. The focal point of the event was "Had to Be Productions" who put on a 50-minute presentation entitled, "It's not just Ramps--Accessibility Is Not Just Physical."

Not Just Ramps is a theatrical documentary about physical, emotional and societal access issues for a diverse group of people with disabilities. The actor/playwrights from Had to Be Productions portray people as they tell vivid stories about themselves and their experiences in the workplace and in their communities. The disabilities of those interviewed include blindness, spinal cord injury, deafness and hearing loss, A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's Disease), cerebral palsy, breathing and vocal impairment, dyslexia, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

At one point in our lifetime, we each have the distinct possibility to become a part of the "disabled" community. Seeing Not Just Ramps and participating in the workshop can be the most effective way for all of us to explore inclusion and fight bias and bigotry in the workplace and in our lives.

Had to Be Productions has toured our unique theatrical documentary plays and workshops throughout the country to government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and conferences. Our presentations have been seen by audiences as small as a dozen people to over 1000 people in a variety of settings and venues. In 2009 we began the tradition of developing a new play annually. Each topic has been inspired by an audience reaction to one of our current plays.