YMCA of Greater Toronto

Through the SPRING program, we offer pre-employment and life skills based workshops for unemployed or underemployed youth and adults with identified disabilities and health conditions. The program includes one-on-one counseling, job placement, job training and retention support, workshops and follow-up. This program runs on continuous intake throughout the year.

YES Employment Services

Youth Employment Services YES leads the Canadian youth sector with innovative programs that empower disadvantaged and vulnerable youth to become self-sufficient contributing members of society. YES programs and services give unemployed young people ages 15-30, the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to secure and maintain employment. As an organization YES works with a client base that has diverse work experiences and levels of training.

Operation Springboard

Springboard’s employment programs take a holistic client-centered approach by providing an array of client-tailored programming. Through innovative programs, clients receive specialized support, structure and guidance to achieve their employment goals. Our programming includes assessment, career exploration, education and training components, and subsidized employment or on-the-job training.


Employment Accessibility for Students program offers individuals with verifiable disabilities the opportunity to find work in the GTA; these groups include 1) high school students moving onto college or university 2) post-secondary students and 3) recent post-secondary graduates. Employment Accessibility for Students employment professionals provide support in multiple areas.


COSTI offers employment and Information Services for persons living with disabilities, including New Canadians.

Ability Learning Network

Provides assistance to people with any disability to find employment in a range of sectors including: factory work, building and construction trades, mechanical work, building maintenance, janitorial, technical installation, food services, cleaning, personal support work, landscaping, sales, security and office work.