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The JOIN website was intentionally designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software and was designed for those who for a variety of reasons may not be able to use a mouse. This website can be navigated using the keyboard on your computer or using other assistive devices.

Customize the Site for You:

There are various things you can do to change the look of this site to make it easier for you to read. You can make the text bigger and change the contrast. This section gives you instructions on how to do this, as well as information about website accessibility in general. For more information, please visit this link:

Text Size:

We don't offer a text re-size widget on our site because we believe that your browser does it better than any website can.

Essentially, in any site you can use these key combination to make the text larger.

CTRL and + will make the text larger in Windows

CTRL and + will make the text larger in a Mac.


There is a widget that can improve the contrast of this website which you can select a number of contrast colour schemes.

Alternative text:

Images on have alternative text attributes, often known as alt text. This means that when an image is used on a web page to convey information its content is also described in the alt text. This means that the image can be understood by text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers. If an image is used for simply decorative purposes, the text attribute for the image is left empty in line with accepted best practice.

Software You Might Need:

Some documents on this website are available in a PDF format. Most operating systems now come with programs which open PDF files, but you can also download Adobe Acrobat to open these files. There is no charge to download Adobe Acrobat.

If you have any questions or concerns about the site's accessibility, please contact us with more information: